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Jason Thrifts.

America's #1 Thrifter

Star of TV's "Thrift Hunters" and Guest Expert on "Pawn Stars"

About  JASON 

America's #1 Thrifter

Jason has sourced and sold it all. He lives in fabulous Las Vegas and thrifts and sells his finds both domestically and internationally. He has victoriously survived a rapidly changing ecommerce world by adapting continuously adjusting his businesses that he started on Ebay and Amazon over 20 years ago.  


Smith is a champion of all things small business, and he speaks and trains people worldwide, helping other entrepreneurs and hobby enthusiasts turn their passions into profits. Jason was called twice to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to represent small business owners in front of the U.S. Congress to lobby in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act. 


Star of TV's "Thrift Hunters"

He experienced his public rise to fame as the fun loving and adventurous half of TV’s “Thrift Hunters” duo (Spike TV; A&E).

Founder of "The Thrifting Board"

Guest Expert on "Pawn Stars"

He can currently be seen on History Channel’s "Pawn Stars" as a professional thrifter who brings in many treasures each visit. 

He is the founder of “The Thrifting Board,” a Facebook group of more than 55,000+ members, and “The Secret Beach Club,”  also on Facebook, which is a smaller group that dives much deeper into all aspects of being a successful thrifter. He is also the host of two hugely successful Youtube shows, “Thrifty Business” & “Selling Past Your Expiration Date, Being Thrifty Over 50.”   While thrifting is his passion, his love is for all things tiki. When he is not thrifting or teaching, you will find him at a local tiki bar drinking his favorite fine rum cocktail. 

Class with  JASON 

Some of the best tactics and training on how to make money online

Learn with Jason - Each of these training classes offer the best techniques on how to find the deals and turn them into 💰

Flipping Cassettes - Big Bucks Flipping Used Cassettes

😎 I've been selling all forms of media online for 19 years and have sold 🤑 hundreds of thousands items and am the expert in finding and flipping.

Flipping CDs 📀 is easy and profitable. It's also my most successful training class of all time.

Now, you may be asking yourself what in the world this has to do with flipping cassettes 📼?

Flipping Cassettes 📼 is easy and profitable too, but they both have different skill sets you need.
Flipping cassettes is waaaaaaaaaaay different than flipping CDs.

The Tiki Talk Class - What It Is & Should I Buy It?

I KNOW TIKI and I want to teach it to you. You don't have to love it or even care about to learn about it and make BIG money.

If you are unsure how much money is in tiki, the current 5 highest sold tiki mugs on ebay are $820, $791, $600, $485 &  $400!!!

But there is soooooooo much more than tiki mugs. I will break it all down down in 8 section during this MASSIVE teaching class

☑️ History of The Tiki Bar (Cocktails and Rum)
☑️ Music of the Tiki Bar Culture
☑️ Vintage Tiki Mugs & Ephemera
☑️ Modern Tiki Mugs  & Swizzles
☑️ Clothing - Hawaiian Shirts & Dresses
☑️ Tiki Decor - Wooden Tikis, Art & more
☑️ Other Knick Knacks to Look Out For
☑️ Jimmy Buffett and the Difference Between a Parrothead and a Hardcore Tiki Collector

36 Mistakes You MUST Avoid If You Are Thrifting & Flipping on Ebay

How to conquer the WHOLE thrift store 🛒 and streamline your ebay listing time.

In this Premium training we cover how to streamline your entire process from thrifting to listing.

You can use these techniques and know how to master every aisle in any thrift store, creating profitable Ebay listings and pricing.

Here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you / cover in this incredible class:
➡️ What section of the store possess the most opportunity
➡️ Where to find bread and butter everyday items that make big money 💍
➡️ How to stop writing "crappy" 🤮 listing titles
➡️ Smoothing out the return process and sell it for more 🤑 the 2nd time... and much, MUCH More!!

Flipping CD's Part 1 & 2 - How to Make Big Money with Used CD's

🤔 Are You Flipping CD's 💽 Yet?

There is 😜crazy money 🤑 to be made flipping CDs on eBay and Amazon. Why are you not flipping CDs🎵?

I spent $43 on 6 used CD and sold them for $237. I sold 2 different Frank Chacksfield CDs in the same weekend, to different people for $50 each.

Do you need to know what to look for? 🤔 Even more important you must know what to skip?
this course I teaching all the tips and tricks.

There really is a LOT of 💰money to be made flipping CDs on Ebay and Amazon. Yes, even in 2019, where you can download and stream anything, CDs will still command BIG 💵 money.

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